Improve your internal relationship

What kind of friend are you to yourself?


Attract better partnerships

Do you need inspiration and tools to find someone you really love?


Deepen your personal relationships

Do the people you love deeply feel your affection?


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Grief, Anger, Betrayal Consolidation

Sexuality: Performance, Identity, Arousal, Desire, Trauma

Intimacy Tolerance: Coupling

Stay or Go: Relationship Decision Making

Mate Selection/Recovery: Compatibility, Dating


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Resolving Abandonment

Plotting My Personal Sexual Revolution: Resolving Performance Issues

Am I [or My Partner] a Narcissist?

Healing from a Divorce: Separate, Divide, Recover

Listening Open Heartedly

Anger: Channeling Constructively

Appreciating My Own Sexual Identity

Affairs/Infidelity: Confront, Decide, Rebuild

Shutting Down Toxic Ex’s and Parental Alienation

Trusting Myself

Retrieving My Childhood Self

Difficult Habits: Overcoming Addictive Behaviors

Love Sex Trust: Financials and Intimacy

Heartfelt Communication

Journal App

Private dream and daily journaling and tracking of personal moods and dreams qualities

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