Getting Started on Your Developmental Journey

Welcome to Love Sex Trust Productions ™ an ecosystem of emotional intelligence tools anyone can access to pry out of personal problems. Mirroring the journey of self development in private practice, products are categorized in 6 emotional intelligence areas. Instead of costing $150-$300.00 an hour, our eBooks, apps and other supporting digital products cost less than a coffee.

Products derived from multiple decades of my private practice, motivated by the need to decrease the systemic effects of intergenerational trauma, empowering users to improve the relationship with themselves, attract better partnerships to begin with, deepen the relationships they want to keep and to help people safely leave toxic ones.
Designed for:

  • Individuals and couples who can’t afford or prefer to avoid counseling, but want solutions.
  • Mental health professionals.
  • Clients in counseling who need concrete tools.
  • Partners of people with difficult personality types.


Review how you love and fight to detect core wounds and beliefs, the result ofunresolved losses and negative modeling from childhood.


As you feel less burdened by the past, you have more energy to imagine new outcomes and strategize how to get from here to there. Create a vision for your ideal life.


Building your future intentionally from an open heart deepens on-going insight and builds momentum. Life feels good and you can be proud of yourself.


Tools for Reflecting

“The way we experience the world around us is a direct reflection of the world within us.”
Gabrielle Bernstein

Great listeners are memorable as it’s a rare experience to feel truly understood. When a person is curious, asking deep questions about how you feel, you listen closer to your own self. To be listened to is to be taken seriously in the world.

How well do you listen to yourself?

You deserve to become the very best listener to yourself. After all, you’ve been there the whole time and have the most to gain. Ask and answer curated self-reflective questions about yourself and your relationship. Your answers establish your baseline to measure future growth and development and to determine what Love Sex Trust tools you might need to answer, What’s next?


Tools for Planning

“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back,
the rate of improvement accelerates.”
– Pearson’s Law

It’s fine not to change, if that’s your conscious choice. Some situations are vastly improved by telling yourself the truth, but not necessarily taking bold action.

If you want change, but hamstring yourself with low expectations, resentment grows. Personal power dims as your storytelling about why something bad is really okay becomes heavily ingrained. Instead of truth, the capacity for denial, usually a family legacy, takes hold.

After reflecting on your truth, plotting micro skills needed to accomplish bigger goals is the next step.

Setting small, mid and far horizon goals and tracking progress, signals that you’re organized, someone who can get things done. As you proceed, cultivating your inner voice of encouragement reverses the damage caused by decades of internalized judgment. Your heart gets stronger, as you become the invaluable friend to yourself that you’ve always needed.


Tools for Evolving

We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution.
-Bill Hicks

Stories reflecting human’s capacity for resiliency are inspiring. The journey from underdog to hero subliminally tells us, if this person can do it, so can I.

To evolve is first to suffer, which entails the ability to feel pain. In your response to pain, you can become aware of your limitations, external and internal. If you’re too good at blocking pain, it’s very hard to grow.

With emotional pain, a crisis ensues, do you embark forward, gaining awareness, vulnerably facing unknowns about yourself? Or, do you resist, prioritizing safety, remaining who you are today, avoiding a productive identity crisis?

Relationships provide ample opportunity for pain. Driven by a fundamental need to be understood and loved, you pursue relationships, which have inevitable crises. Encountering confusion, you have to sort out if your partner is trustworthy, helpful or harmful with their feedback. You have to sort out if you are trustworthy, if you can receive love and criticism.

You have to determine if engaging at all is worth it?

Figuring this all out by consulting with friends, parents and partners, can add complexity, as much as help, as advice is influenced by personal agenda.

The magic of Love Sex Trust tools is there’s zero judgment in your final choices. The only bias is the belief that people who want love deserve high quality, no matter their earlier circumstances or class level, and we’re excited about providing resources for that endeavor.

Like good counseling, these tools are designed to help you learn and cultivate yourself as your own trusted guide, someone you deeply respect, rely on and trust. So, as you encounter confusion in your life, you look forward to talking it over with your best friend…yourself.

eBook Categories


Grief, Anger, Betrayal Consolidation

Sexuality: Performance, Identity, Arousal, Desire, Trauma

Intimacy Tolerance: Coupling

Stay or Go: Relationship Decision Making

Mate Selection/Recovery: Compatibility, Dating


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Resolving Abandonment

Plotting My Personal Sexual Revolution: Resolving Performance Issues

Am I [or My Partner] a Narcissist?

Healing from a Divorce: Separate, Divide, Recover

Listening Open Heartedly

Anger: Channeling Constructively

Appreciating My Own Sexual Identity

Affairs/Infidelity: Confront, Decide, Rebuild

Shutting Down Toxic Ex’s and Parental Alienation

Trusting Myself

Retrieving My Childhood Self

Difficult Habits: Overcoming Addictive Behaviors

Love Sex Trust: Financials and Intimacy

Heartfelt Communication

Journal App

Private dream and daily journaling and tracking of personal moods and dreams qualities

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