To pry yourself out of particular personal or relationship problem. As part of a daily repertoire of habits to increase your awareness about your self, relationships and life. Refer products to those close to you. Apply products in a specific training course. Use the JOURNAL app to log your daily moods and dreams help you track your moods and functioning over time. Use the Ebooks to dive deeper into a topic of personal interest and integrate new information more deeply within. When you implement new ideas into concrete behaviors and collect personal data over time, you feel more competent, making more informed life decisions.

This is a self-help approach with deeply cultivated, professional materials, curated over a career of 25+ years of being a psychotherapist in private practice. It’s not a simplistic approach of “think happy, be well,” rather it offers psychological concepts and strategies applicable to complex issues.

It’s like buying a real leather couch, instead of a knock off. The quality is high, durable and useful, but hopefully comfortable and easy to understand. High quality content at a very low price point.

Very. See Disclaimer. Designed for counselors, for people who would like to avoid in person counseling and for people in counseling, but who need concrete tools and strategies. Designed for people who are in close relationships with someone who is resistant to change. Nothing beats a highly skilled professional that understands you and that you like, but we designed this to try and come close. Concepts offered in private practice are embedded throughout every product.

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