Healing From a Divorce: Separate, Recover, Rediscover


Do you feel at peace about your divorce?

Healing well is a gift to your future self. If you can look into a mirror and tell yourself why you had to divorce without too much self loathing or victimization, you’re much more likely to heal well from your divorce, increasing your chances to be successful in a future relationship. Your children are also more likely to find high quality future partnerships themselves.

Healing From A Divorce: Separate, Recover, Rediscover, is a workbook designed to help you process each difficult phase of divorce decreasing the likelihood of subconsciously punishing yourself post divorce, leading to future relationship sabotage.

Divorce, while usually deeply painful, tends to be a highly productive growth period. The question, How did I get to this point? leads to an unpacking of previously unexplored and unresolved family of origin and previous relationship issues. Unraveling your assumed subconscious and conscious beliefs that previous relationships were built on, creates an exciting opportunity to reimagine yourself.

All of this life un-doing and identity re-imagining increases both anxiety and excitement about the unknown until it becomes your new normal. This book offers concrete skills on how to process emotions and communicate to yourself, ex and children. As your competency increases so does your stamina and hope.


  • Introduction: Emerging From Loneliness
  • Separate: Creative Destruction
  • Recover: Idealized Design
  • Rediscover: Rejection & Identity
  • What to Say (Scripts)
  • Resources

Estimated read time, 30 minutes