Separating: Due Diligence Before Starting Over or Leaving Peacefully


Are you concerned that you might not be able to sustain your relationship the way it’s been going?

Do you want your current relationship, but want it to be so much better?

If you answered:

  • I’m actually agonizing about what to do.”
  • Yes, but I don’t see any good solutions.” 
  • “I’m worried about my children.”
  • Yes, but my partner is resistant.”
  • “I know what I want, but not sure how to execute.”

This book is written for you.

Often, when you try to solve your own relationship issues, you tend to get overwhelmed, shut down, discouraged or mean, shutting down your creative potential to develop ideal solutions. 

You lose energy towards hoping for a better outcome.

This book details step-by-step how you can avoid these challenges and get to the heart of the matter efficiently. 

This is a companion to the Private Couple Retreat: Do It Yourself book, as an effective tool to help you cut through the impasse in your current relationship.

This is a professional blueprint, devised from going through the process and counseling thousands of others. 

From start to finish, the book covers, among other topics: 

  • Identifying How Much Pain You Are In
  • Deciding on Intention for Separating
  • Pitching the Idea of a Separation to Your Partner
  • Taking Care of Responsibilities (Children-Home-Money)
  • Optimizing Time Spent Together and Apart to Make Decisions 
  • Taking Good Care of Children

Separating: Due Diligence Before Starting Over or Leaving Peacefully helps you give your relationship the expertise, time and attention it deserves, so no matter which direction your relationship ultimately takes, you both can feel good about yourselves, your family and pride in investing in this process.

Total Page: 113



The Separating: Due Diligence Before Starting Over or Leaving Peacefully is a step-by-step guide to becoming competent in:

  • Knowing yourself so you can advocate for change in your relationship.
  • Evaluating if you should re-commit, start over strong or let each other go peacefully.
  • Develop a feeling of competency and confidence in leading your family into transition, communicating well with your partner and your children.
  • Making sure you’ve forgiven yourself, so you can face your future next steps strong with clear eyes.