Love-Sex-Trust: A Guide


Put simply, we are motivated by love and sex. You are wired for connection and designed to physically demonstrate love. Yet that does not mean things will unfold smoothly.

  • Are you trying to decide to stay or go?
  • Do you feel blocked from getting closer?
  • Are you bored with sex?
  • Are you curious about the potential your relationship can have?

While aspects of love and sex can be analyzed logically, much is difficult to explain. What is true is that Love-Sex-Trust are completely intertwined.

A simple wish resurfaces consistently. You want happier love lives. The Love-Sex-Trust approach has evolved out of years spent analyzing, in detail, what makes people suffer in relationships, what you really want instead and how to obtain and sustain something better.



Love-Sex-Trust: A Guide is an overview to the core DNA elements that build your ideal relationship, increasing your competency in:

  • Understanding how Love-Sex-Trust creates a negative or positive feedback loop.
  • Learning how to develop and deepen trust over time, inviting more connected love and sex.
  • Invigorating sexual chemistry, sustaining interest and excitement.
  • Total Pages: 43