Private Couples Retreat: Do It Yourself


Would you like both of you to feel happier and at peace in your relationship?

Would you like high quality tools that don’t waste your time or money, to help you get the job done expertly?

If you answered:

  •  “Yes, but I don’t see how.”
  •  “Yes, but I don’t want to pay a lot of money to share our private life with a stranger.” 
  • Yes, but my partner is resistant.”
  • “Yes, I’d do anything for my relationship.”

This book is written for you.

Often, when you try to solve your own relationship issues, you tend to get overwhelmed, shut down, discouraged or mean, shutting down your creative potential to develop ideal solutions. 

You lose energy towards hoping for a better outcome.

This book details step-by-step how you can avoid these challenges and get to the heart of the matter efficiently. 

This is a professional blueprint, devised from decades of seeing what does and doesn’t work in achieving a successful Private Couples Retreat. 

From start to finish, the book covers, among other topics: 

  • Identifying the Issues
  • Pitching the Idea of a Retreat to Your Partner
  • Arranging Logistics
  • Setting the Agenda
  • How to Have a Strong Resolution 
  • Assessment & Next Steps

This is the missing step you have needed to focus on whatever is important in your unique relationship:

  • Do you need to resolve issues that don’t seem to stay put?
  • Do you need to proactively set up future goals and visions?
  • Do you need to concentrate on your sexual and intimacy?
  • Do you need to decide about staying together or splitting?

The Private Couple Retreat: Do It Yourself can help you give your relationship the expertise, time and attention it deserves.

Total Pages: 84



The Private Couples Retreat: Do It Yourself is a step-by-step guide to becoming competent in:

  • Knowing what issues have blocked you or your partner’s satisfaction and having a clear strategy to resolve the impasse.
  • Uncovering how deeply you’d like to feel with a partner and what your partner wants, confirming if you are fundamentally compatible. 
  • Evaluating if you should re-commit, start over strong or let each other go peacefully.