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“I reached a point in my marriage where I knew I needed help. I was thinking, feeling and behaving in ways I didn’t recognize anymore. Therapy was infinitely helpful but I also needed something more concrete (and accessible during those frantic late night moments) to hold onto. The ebooks: Separating: Due Diligence, Private Couple Retreats: DIY and Getting What I Want, were a practical tool for initiating meaningful reflection, providing options to consider, and, ultimately, offering direction on how to make movement through a challenging time. Most importantly, these workbooks approached the issues at hand with compassion and understanding while also confronting necessary truths head on. It was a loving invitation to grow up. As a result of accepting that invitation, I’m showing up in my relationship with more clarity, authenticity, and confidence- invaluable gifts in this messy thing called life.”



“I have been seeing Jennifer for roughly 13 years. My therapy journey started when my husband and I were trying to start a family. Initially, I reached out to her regarding our infertility struggles, but that quickly morphed into dealing with years of trauma from my childhood. Jennifer helped me work through repressed emotions and understand how those experiences and trauma were causing issues with my current life. I continued with therapy through our infertility struggle, grief and then our next chapter building our family through adoption. My husband and I started couples therapy, as well, and her guidance and support helped us work out many of the relationship challenges we all face. Jennifer has been my trusted therapist and confidante for over a decade working through all the ups and downs. She’s helped me set healthy boundaries, build confidence and self esteem, work through parenting struggles and been a wonderful career guide. We have covered so much and I cannot imagine not having her in my life as a guide. She’s empathetic, intuitive, warm, welcoming and one of the best people I know. Jennifer is a bright light; a truly positive guide that helps me steer this wild, beautiful life.”



“Jennifer has been with me through so many difficult and life-changing transitions. From a troubled relationship, to a divorce to finding love again, Jennifer has supported me in my emotional journey, allowed me to see strength in myself and given me the power to trust in what I want. She has also worked with me through tough job decisions. Always providing a solid sounding board and working with me to find and follow my path. I am so lucky to have found her and deeply value the role she plays in my life.”



We really can’t thank you enough. We both feel like for the first time we have actual concrete information for what’s happening to us and the beginnings of a path forward. Because we 100% know we love each other and want to be together, and when we are happy, it’s absolutely incredible!! We’ve got these things in the way that we can’t seem to get around. And now we have more information as to why. We are so ready to do this work.



This book Getting What I Want, and the range of products offered by Love Sex Trust Productions is intended to help you help yourself. For decades, Jennifer has been helping individuals and couples have the life and love they want. She has a wealth of knowledge to share. I’m a Work/Life coach/consultant – I help people recraft their lives so that work is satisfying and is part of an overall satisfying life (worklifenow.com). My orientation is toward the practical. My own training and curiosity have led me to learn from therapists and neuroscientists.I’ve had the good fortune to share many hours of conversation with Jennifer,and am moved by her depth of knowledge and care. One of the passions Jennifer and I share is an interest in opening the tools of therapy up to people so that anyone has access to helping themselves. This book is the first installment. I’ve written a book with a therapist,Sweet Relief From the Everyday Narcissist,and through that process learned how challenging it is for someone who is professionally trained in a certain language and processes to shift into sharing their wisdom with people who do not share the same training and language.It takes a lot of work for a professional to understand what someone might need to know and to think through how they can learn that information without all the classes and hours of study. With this book, Jennifer has created an unusual offering – elements of therapy presented so that you can use it immediately and repeatedly to create the life you want.I assume you stumbled upon this book because you are looking for something,something that will help you change your life in some way. This practical,insightful guide is offered to help you – I hope you find the change you seek.



Thank you Jennifer Jones for the amazing insight , care and compassion to help me during a trying time in my life. Suffering from severe anxiety and depression amidst a pandemic and many major life changes, you helped me find my way back to being me. I was experiencing a lot of worry, sadness, doubt, hopelessness and a mix of other feelings and emotions and you listened and gave me new skills and insight on how to conquer all of those things. I will be forever grateful for you, your kind and caring heart and expertise to teach me how to be in control of my own mind and body to be the best me I can be!



You give me priceless insight from your experiences and your creative thinking lifts me up.
The conversations we had, was the first time I felt like, I can DO this!
You continue to encourage me and offer great advice.
YOU are super, and I am grateful to you.



I found the abandonment work she recommended particularly useful and invested over 6 months working through it specifically. I’ve continued with other things as my healing progressed and taken new directions but have kept up with the journalling – albeit much more open and integrated than when I started. She has helped me tremendously.



Asking for guidance from someone outside my religion was a big first step for me. I realized for a while I wanted to experience the world more aware than I had been. Jen was patient with me, she listened and was keenly aware of my stealthy ways to hide during a session. Jen finds me and asks me to show up and dig a little deeper and actually feel and not just intellectualize how I feel. Jen and I started working together years ago and I can definitely credit the decision to start therapy and working with Jen as the starting point when my life became more of what I actually wanted.



As a man, and a somewhat prideful one at that, when my wife suggested counseling I was less than thrilled. However, now that we are on the other side of several issues we couldn’t get through on our own, I view counseling and therapy as a life tool I had been missing. Jennifer was unbelievable and was able to break down every problem we were going through and take us to the root of our issues. Our sessions taught me an entirely new way to communicate with not only my wife but all my friends. Obviously I’d recommend Jennifer to anyone; but more than that, I’d recommend therapy to anyone! Especially hard-headed men like me.



Thank you so much! I appreciate it very much and truly you have no idea how helpful it’s been.