Rate Your Emotional IQ

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This quiz assesses 6 core areas associated with Love Sex Trust Productions ™ ecosystem. It is designed for self driven psycho-educational purposes only, based on 25 years of private psychotherapy practice. Use it to increase curiosity about your own internal world and your partner’s. How you feel in close relationships, about your own moods, thoughts and behavioral patterns and how you’d like to evolve in certain areas of your life.

Disclaimers: This quiz should not be considered a rigorous psychological assessment. Myers-Briggs, MMPI, Big 5 Trait Theory, StrengthsFinder, Attachment Styles, Beck Depression Inventory are empirically tested personality and mood measurements.

Not all relationships are safe. Whether it be emotionally, physically, sexually, financially or psychologically, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your thoughts at this time with your partner, please don’t.

Psychological Development Process
The Love Sex Trust Productions ™ ecosystem is designed to mirror the psychological development arc undertaken by thousands through my clinical psychotherapy private practice. People exist at different stages of this process. 

Clinical Developmental Journey
Clients start with a relationship pain point and a true desire, spoken or unspoken. In focusing on the present issue, using a psychodynamic theoretical lens, we explore any early unresolved trauma and negative modeling from childhood and adolescence. We analyze relationship conflict and bonding patterns to detect and work through early repressed grief, anger, betrayal.

As clients feel less burdened by the past, they implement new habits of thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

As this competence grows, true intuition and confidence blooms, the psychological foundational tools necessary to optimize natural talents and hone executive strategy skills, such as goal setting, time management, progress tracking, which we also focus on developing. With care, nurturing, and skill development, clients can now turn their true heart’s desire into reality.


Understand yourself better.
Choose the answer that represents your most common and frequent response in your closest relationships. Don’t overthink your answer, go with your gut. Don’t answer with the ideal response if it’s not accurate to who you really are. Your unexamined reactions, particularly ones that are immature, tell a story of past hurts, so it’s a way to become more curious about yourself.

Gain perspective on your partner’s point of view.
You and your partner, romantic, friend, parent simultaneously take the test and compare and contrast profiles. Take it again, answering as you imagine your partner would most likely respond. See if your results match their version. Discuss the differences to better understand yourselves and each other.

Evaluate your relationship.
Your reactions in close relationships also have a lot to say about your compatibility with your partner. Take the quiz imagining interacting with a different person and see if your responses tend to be similar or differ.

Set goals. Track your progress.
Use your results to set personal and relationship goals. Use the Love Sex Trust Productions ™ resources to deepen your consciousness, and develop skills that help you fulfill your ideal. Retake the quiz at three month intervals to witness how you’ve evolved. We’re excited for your growth and development.