Our Story

It took us a long time to find each other, but once we did, it was love at first sight. Our gratitude and the journey of healing, is the beating heart of this business.

“How would you design yourself out of a job?” was the question Chris posed to me late one night and by the morning, the concept for Love Sex Trust Productions was born.

LST Productions is the culmination of 25 years of listening to people in private practice. I’ve studied what makes people truly happy and why they suffer. I explore how our strong reactions are clues to original repressed pain and what bullies, including the self, need to be confronted, so people can be emotionally and mentally set free.

I learned in depth also about men’s trauma. Most of which I had to discover by being interested and digging into, not what men presented openly, which sparked my intention to be someone who speaks on their behalf. Men also get victimized, some of whom victimize others and others who repress their trauma and attract abusive partners to re-enact the cycle of abuse, shame and repression.

Love Sex Trust Productions is dedicated to men and women who had to numb themselves to deal with difficult relationships.

Not everyone can thaw a hurt heart, and that’s okay. For those that have even an inkling of desire to do so–to take a courageous journey within–we are inspired by you.

Thank you,

Jennifer & Chris

It’s fascinating how sometimes we can be so unfamiliar with these fundamental areas of our own selves simply because we never thought to look deeper.

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So glad you found Love Sex Trust Productions and are investing in yourself and your relationships.

We take your investment of money, time and trust seriously. Let us know if you have any feedback that could improve the experience of the products.

Thank you.