Let's Begin

How Do I Get Started?

  • Step one: Establish baseline, Rate My Emotional IQ quiz.
  • Step two: Focus on resolving a specific issue, e.g., dating, divorce, infidelity, sexual performance, couple communication, or to expand your overall emotional intelligence.
  • Step three: Download Journal App to track progression.


Creating emotional intelligence tools anyone can access to pry out of personal problems.

Mirroring the journey of self development in private practice. Instead of costing $150-$300.00 a hour, it’s $5.99.

Designed for:

  • Individuals and couples who can’t afford or prefer to avoid counseling, but want solutions.
  • People in counseling who need concrete tools.
  • People who are highly defensive, or their partners, due to prior life experiences.
  • Professionals providing mental health services.


Decrease the systemic effects of intergenerational trauma, empowering users to improve the relationship with their self, attract better partnerships to begin with, deepen the relationships they want to keep and to help people safely leave toxic ones.


The brand is based on my private psychotherapy practice, established in 2002, re-branded 2017, Love Sex Trust Psychotherapy, 2022, Private Couple Retreat Program, providing services and evaluating counseling effectiveness and outcomes for twenty years.